And The Winner IS…!

Once again this year I had so many wonderfully inventive entries. I loved seeing everyone’s creativity when it comes to incorporating a hoop into your costume and in fact, creativity was one of the big factors in choosing a winner out of all the awesome entries. To recap the rest of the criteria, I was looking for:

  1. How well the hoop fit in with the rest of your costume. Was the hoop an integral part of your costume or just an afterthought? Hoops could have been used as a structural quality in your costume or as standard hula hoop, just as long as your costume made sense having that hula hoop there.
  2. Handcrafted elements. Entries that were handcrafted or had homemade elements scored higher than those that were store-bought.

And of course

  1. Thinking outside the box with your costume got you more points than common costume themes.

pumpkin spiceAnd before I present all the entries, let me remind you what was at stake. 2nd runner up receives a 30% coupon for anything from the Katie Sunshine Hoops store. 1st runner up gets a 50% off coupon and the grand prize winner gets a 31” Pumpkin Spice collapsible polypro hoop! Now, without further ado, here were the 2015 entries:



halloween4First, this happy little Minnie Mouse with her Mousettes entry from Savannah Hoopstar. I thought it was not only adorable she decided to get her two dogs in on the Halloween fun, but also appropriate Miss Hoopstar was Minnie Mouse since she helped me name a new three-hoop move “The Mickey Mouse.”




Speaking of hoop stars, you know you have reached celebrity status when people dress up as your fans for Halloween. It truly halloween12was the #yearoftheben for this next hooper who dressed up as the number fan of Benjamin Berry, The Fanicorn! Talk about hoopers supporting hoopers, it’s awesome to see such encouragement and support! This entry comes to us from Samantha Rogers a.k.a. Hoopleseed Rogers.









Next up is this grinning Cheshire Cat Submitted by Jenna Elizabeth. Complete with striped painted shirt, furry leg warmers, and color-coordinated hoops, this hoop cat is ready for the party!







I also had a couple of Instagram entries. The first is from @valeriejo416. She looks stunning as the hooping villian of the vines, Poison Ivy! Then from @katybabygems as the beautiful Princess Bubblegum with her candy hoop.



Here are two awesome entries by Erin Gainfran and both spectacular are costumes! The first as a happy hooping little bee and the second as Katniss Everdeen with a fiery hoop as her bow. You can tell she definitely had fun hooping in these costumes!

 halloween11                            halloween5

Erin wasn’t the only Kitness hooper this Halloween. Nancy Burns entered an awesome costume as Katniss in her halloween16fiery wedding dress. I love how she used red feathers to represent the flames on Katniss’s dress and her shiny hoop makes a perfect bow.

I also love this little Lava Girl having the time of her life all dressed up with her hoop! halloween16

From Jenn Frederick comes this awesomely inventive Siren from the Sky! Her
hoops are covered with sparkly seaweed that I’m sure look spectacular when she hoops. I would love to see those celestial hoops in motion!


From Sirens in the Sky we go to ghouls from underground

with this entry from as Beetlejuice: halloween3

Next up is this creepy ghoulish hooping doll from Jill Ellis:


Jane Deason sumbitted this costume as The Soulshine Warrior: 12105715_1009803145751303_7592187925805030975_n

Halloween is also the time to show off your superpower hoop moves in character as a superhero! I had two awesome superhero costumes submitted, both incorporating the hula hoop very well. First, from Saralee Mansker, Wonder Woman showing off her golden whip/hoop in action! Then is Sonic the Hedgehog complete with Golden rings (and an awesome Sonic hood!) from Jenny Faundez.



And now for the announcement of the winners! I was totally torn for the place of second runner up halloween6so it’s a tie between these two. Jaylyn Ellis submitted an awesome costume as the hooping Indiana Jones. I absolutely love the creative and successful use of a simple, black infinity collapsible hoop as her whip. In fact, after seeing this photo, I started seeing other Indiana Jones hoop costumes popping up, proof that is was so good it inspired some imitation.

halloween8Tied with Jaylyn is Grace Riemer as a hooping Steam Punk doll. I love the use of her altered hoops to look like gears and her makeup is fabulous!


The first runner up is Randi Boisen as Tina from Bob’s Burgers. This costume was so original, so well crafted, and uses the hoop so creatively as Tina’s tray.


And now, the grand prize winner is a perfect example of thinking outside of the box. I thought this costume was so imaginative and uses custom made hoops as an integral part of the costume not to mention the impeccable craftsmanship. Congratulations Kelsey Pippin for coming up with the winning design: “Atom” & Eve! Halloween

Thank you to everyone who entered in the contest, I loved seeing all the costume ideas! Please comment and let me know what you think about 2015’s Hula Hoop Halloween costumes.

Hula Hoop Halloween Costume Contest

My Hula Hoop Costume Contest last Halloween was such a success I’m excited to announce it again this year! I loved seeing the creativity in all the costumes and I have a brand new polypro hoop design to give away.

This year I’m giving away my new pumpkin spice polypro hoop to the person who designs and wears the best Halloween costume involving a hula hoop or hula hoops. The hoop I’m giving away is a fully taped 3/4″ polypro measuring 31″ in diameter. This hoop features bright orange hologlitter tape paired with spicey brown and black grip tapes for a hoop that is perfect for that hoopable fall weather. This hoop is push-button collapsible so you may take this hoop anywhere your heart desires.

pumpkin spice

Here’s how to enter:

1) “Like” my facebook page here and follow me on Instagram @katiesunshine14

2) Share this blog post on social media OR share this facebook photo or social media between now and October 31st, 2015.

3) Post a photo of your hoopy Halloween costume in the comments section of this blog, or on my Facebook page, or tag me on instagram @katiesunshine14 by midnight November 1st, 2015. You may also send your photos to

Costumes will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the costume idea. Think outside of the box! This will score you extra points.

  • Level of “homemade-ness.” Costumes with homemade or handcrafted elements will be scored higher than store bought costumes.

  • How well the hoop “prop” fits with the costume. For example, a standard costume with a hoop simply added, let’s say a hula-hooping nurse costume, will be scored lower than a costume in which the hoop is an integral part, such as a Saturn costume where the hula hoops are the rings (you can still use that idea if you want, by the way).

The hula hoop(s) may be incorporated as a structural quality in a costume and don’t neccessarily have to be visible or removable. However, if the hoop isn’t obvious, please add a note as to where the hoop is incorporated.

To see last years winner as well as the rest of the entries click here.

**I’m also excited to introduce and 1st runner up and 2nd runner up prizes this year. 1st runner up will be given a 50% coupon for and the 2nd runner up will be awarded a 30% off coupon for**

This contest is open to any age. All may participate! Have a Hoopy Halloween!

If you’re totally drawing a blank, I found a few ideas and I’ve added them to my Pinterest board.