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Solid Mini Hoops


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Solid mini hoops are fully taped with your choice of one sun-catching tape for an effect that is dazzling when your hoops are spinning, or just sitting still! Mini hoops are made with lightweight tubing that’s easy on your wrists and hands and produce fast-moving, stunning tricks.

Mini Hoop Diameters

18", 20", 22", 24", 26"


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Sun Catching Tape 1

Black Sparkle, Blue Dragon Scale, Blue Prism, Blue Sparkle, Blue Sunset, Blue Sunset Sparkle, Caribbean Sea, Emerald Sparkle, Gold Mirror, Gold Sparkle, Golden Rainbow, Hibiscus, Hot Pink Mirror, Hot Pink Sparkle, June Bug, Light Blue Mirror, Light Pink Mirror, Lime Green Sparkle, Liquid Sunshine, Magenta mirror, Magenta Sparkle, Mermaid Scale, Orange Sparkle, Orange Streak, Pink Sunset, Purple Mirror, Purple Sparkle, Rainbow Mirror, Red Sparkle, Silver Mirror, Silver Sparkle, Silver Squares, Teal Mirror, Teal Sparkle, Yellow Sparkle